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Pattonville Texas Farm Insurance — Claims Scenario Part 20.

In our last post Jerry calls and leaves a message on the answering machine over at the Farmers Association.

Fred Sampson, the outgoing president calls Jerry back and tells him he can’t think of any of the other farmers having problems with sinkholes, the only sinkhole problem he could remember was one that happened in the middle of an intersection in Beaumont back in 2015.

Fred suggests to Jerry that he might want to call a foundation repair company over in Paris to have them come out and take a look to see what might be the problem.

After the call ends Jerry knows he might have a little bit of an uncomfortable conversation with Connie.  Connie was busying herself in the kitchen hanging on to every word she could hear as Jerry was talking to Fred.

Jerry hangs the phone up and turns around to face Connie who is in the kitchen next to the living room and starts off trying to soften what he knows is coming next, “Connie did you know Fred sold his land?  He’s moving to Florida to be with his daughter and their family, can you believe that, that farm’s been in his family name for five generations!”

Connie has no response and Jerry continues, “he also wished us the best and we can come visit anytime once he gets settled into his new place in Panama City Florida.”

Connie raises her eyebrows with a stern look, “Well?” she states expectedly completely ignoring the fact that Fred sold out.

“Fred said it’s probably not a sinkhole,” he quickly states, “we should call one of the foundation companies over in Paris to have them take a look.”

Connie raises her voice, “your friend Ken better not have anything to do with this Jerry or I’ll skin him alive and you too for hiring him.”

Jerry doesn’t want to fight with his wife so he tells Connie, “let me call a company and get them out here so we can get to the bottom of this and find out what happened.”

Jerry makes a few phone calls and makes appointment with a foundation repair company who will meet them in the morning.

We will learn what happens in our next post.

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Insurance for Farmers Denison Tx

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Bear the following in mind while you exploring your options for a new Texas Farm Insurance Policy: the policy will not cover every single type of claim occurrence. That is why it is extremely important that you go over your policy details carefully in order to understand what type of claim events are covered and which ones are not.

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Denison Tx Insurance for Farmers – Claims Scenario Part 17

Last time, Ken and his small team of contractors completed the project, but not without some setbacks along the way.

In particular, the members of Ken’s construction crew caught the flu. One of them, a guy named, Frankie was hospitalized due to the illness.

As a result of this unfortunate turn of events, Ken had to implement an alternative plan for the structure’s foundation.

When the big day finally came and Connie saw her newly-built dream home for the first time, she was moved to tears of joy. Her skepticism about Ken’s ability to do the task properly was now completely washed away.

Half a year later, Connie and Jerry have been living happily in their new home. Its location being so much closer to the rest of the farm makes Connie’s work days much easier, not to mention the larger space allows more family gatherings.

Connie and Jerry regularly entertain family and friends at their home now that they have so much more space to do so and they certainly enjoy the many compliments received by others on the beauty of their new house.

One breezy Tuesday morning, however, as she was standing in her kitchen, Connie was startled by a loud, low sound coming from under the floor. A moment later, she felt a small but noticeable tremor beneath her, it felt almost like an earthquake but it only lasted for a couple seconds.

What did Connie just experience? Find out more in our next issue.

Insurance for Farmers Denison Tx – Drop Us a Line Today!

Texas Farm and Home Insurance can sometimes be rather confusing, so setting aside a little bit of time to properly understand your policy is a great idea.

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Fake News Floods Texas in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Don’t be swamped by floods of fake news floating around Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. 

After any natural disaster it seems  unscrupulous actors always appear to come out of the woodwork  ready to take advantage of desperate, confused people who are already hurting.

One of the latest rumors is that if a person does not file their claim by September 1, 2017 they will lose their rights with the insurance company.  This is not true.

This rumor is fueled by plaintiff attorneys, social media, and some contractors who are attempting to take advantage of people who have suffered a loss in a natural disaster claiming a new law, HB 1774, applies to lawsuits filed after September 1, 2017 and that people will not get paid for their losses if they do not file their claim before September 1.

Here are the facts.

  1. Claims processed after September 1, 2017 will go through the same process as those filed before September 1, 2017 and will be adjusted by the same rules as those filed before September 1.
  2. The Texas Department of Insurance will, as always in catastrophic events, be monitoring the activities of insurance companies to make sure that claims are being paid properly and promptly.
  3. Consumer protections in Texas include the full recovery of amounts owed under an insurance policy, plus penalty, interest, court costs, and attorney fees. Additionally, if the insurance company acts fraudulently or in bad faith, Texans may recover triple the amount of their actual damages, which is unchanged by the new statute.

According to The Texas Department of Insurance the law will do two important things.

First, the new law, HB 1774 simply requires that a written notice of dispute must signed by the insured person and be submitted before a lawsuit can be filed.  This helps to curb the feeding frenzy of lawyers and contractors after a natural disaster such as Hurricane Harvey.

Second it encourages out of state adjusters to come in to help work the claims.  These out of state adjusters will be necessary to get the thousands of claims from the hurricane settled in a timely manner.

BEWARE OF THOSE CLAIMING TO HELP YOU GET MORE MONEY FROM YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY. Your insurance company will pay you all they can according to your insurance policy requirements.  Those claiming they will get more money for you cannot change your insurance policy to make the company pay you more. The people will just take your money. 

You have the right of arbitration if you are not happy with your claim settlement.  Appealing to arbitration does not cost you extra.  Call your agent if you need to appeal to arbitration or call the claims department of your company directly.

There are several ways to let your insurance company know you have a claim.  File as quickly as possible but you are under no obligation to file before September 1, 2017.

  1. Call your insurance agent. Our number is 903-378-7300.
  2. Call your company directly.

Germania’s direct claim  number is 1-877-Germania.

National Lloyds number is 254-730-9800.

Progressive number is 800-274-4499.

  1. Go on line Our website is

We are here to help you will your claims or any other problem you may have.  Please call when you need us. We are here to serve you.

Lightning Can Be Very Underrated

Lightning Can Be Very UnderratedFew people understand how dangerous lightning can be.  After years in the insurance and farming business I have seen many strange and dangerous things lightning does.

We rented a tent for our family reunion.  The tent had a metal center pole and metal stakes to hold down the canvass. About 100 people gathered around the tent to eat and visit. 

A storm came up quickly.

I was one of the few who seemed to be concerned that lightning was striking within a few miles of our tent.  After what seemed a long time some of us were able to convince the others we all should leave the tent and get to the safety of a building. 

Fortunately no one was hurt. I kept thinking about that metal pole acting as a lightning rod and bringing the lightning into the tent.  I shudder to think about the outcome.

That same day we heard on the news two men were killed and a third was hurt when lightning struck a tree  they were standing near.  Lightning is very unpredictable.  No one knows where it may strike.

Lightning claims are numerous in our agency.  The insurance companies have partnered with Weather Forensics to verify potential lightning occurrences at homes they have insured. 

Lightning strike data from Weather Forensics is based on the United States Precision Lightning Network.  It is extremely accurate.

This data helps simply the claim process and makes it easier on people to prove lightning damage to their property.  If you have a claim the company will provide an inventory sheet.  You will be asked to get estimates only for large items such as appliances, televisions, computers, etc.

If lightning is not verified, the claim will be denied unless you can get some documentation to support lightning damage.

Hummingbirds at St. Elmo’s

Hummingbirds are fun to watch. We have several that come to our feeder every day.

Last week we visited St Elmo’s, Colorado and they were swarming around two feeders.
The birds were so gentle they didn’t pay any attention to people coming close to watch them.

Colorado trip 2012 089

Bren with his grandfather, Wayne, is delighted to see the birds.

Colorado trip 2012 086

Maeta watching the hummingbirds. Look closely. You can see birds on both feeders.

Spring Cleaning Should Include the Medicine Cabinet

Now that spring is nearing most of us are thinking about all the cleaning in the house and yard we need to do.  Did we forget the medicine cabinet.?  For some reason expired  prescriptions and half full bottles of medicine seem to collect for long periods of time in medicine cabinets.   Medicines have a time period for their use.  They become ineffective and can even be dangerous if they are too far out of date.  All out of date prescriptions and  expired over the counter medicines should be thrown out.   Spring cleaning is a perfect time to do this chore.

Happy spring cleaning.

I Bought My House For $80,000. Now My Agent Says I Have To Insure It for $100,000.

The most devastating words a person can hear from their insurance adjuster after suffering a severe loss is, “It’s not covered on this policy.”  The next worst is, “You need $100,000 to cover that and your policy will only cover $80,000.

Clients often call saying their house cannot be sold for the amount on the insurance policy and they do not want to pay a premium for more than the market value.  We must explain the difference between market value and insurable value for houses.

The recent downturn in the housing market created a lot of confusion between market value and insurable value.  Houses that originally cost $100,000 in some areas may now be listed on the market for $89,000 or less.  This does not mean insurance companies will insure them for less.  The company still has to pay what the replacement cost would be.

If you purchased a Replacement Cost policy your insurance company insures for replacement value.  This means the amount you will need to build the house again.  Because the company is required to pay the amount needed to replace the house, they require the policy to be equal to the amount you would need to build a new house of the same size and quality.

It is not just a matter of the company wanting more money in premium.  Think of what a blow to your financial welfare it would be if your house burned down and you were paid $20,000 too-little to replace it.  Over the years companies have learned the hard way.  It is better to pay people the amount they need to rebuild the house than to allow their clients to come up short.

Learn more.  Listen to Phyllis on her podcast, Insured.

Hail Storm on Easter Sunday

Hail hit Honey Grove about 8:30 AM Sunday morning.  Reports of very large hail about the size of a golf ball were reported.  However the hail did not last but a few minutes and the large hail stones were few.

We received a number of claims from this storm.  Most said they do not expect severe damage to their roof to be found, but they want it checked just in case damage occurred.  Thankfully, no really severe damage has been reported so far.

Some reports of damage to vehicles were also reported.

If you believe hail damaged your roof or vehicle, please call us at 903-378-7300.  Or go online and report it to the home office.

Spring always brings weather challenges.  Hail, wind, rain, and even tornadoes usually keep us alert to the weather changes.  Please keep up with weather reports.  Storms can arrive quickly.  It pays to be prepared.

Claim Checks May Withhold Depreciation

As many are receiving claim checks from the recent hail storm that damaged many homes we are getting calls with questions about withholding depreciation and deductibles.  This can be very confusing.

When an adjuster inspects a roof he figures the amount of money needed to replace that roof. He multiplies the number of squares of shingles (10′ x 10′ = a square) by the price per square.  Once he has that number he subtracts an amount for depreciation.

He arrives at the depreciation figure by subtracting the “wear and tear” amount from the replacement cost. For instance if the hail damaged roof is ten years old, the adjuster may subtract 5% per year or 50% from the replacement cost.  This is assuming the roof had shingles that were guaranteed for 20 years. This is the amount of the initial check the homeowner will receive.  If the homeowner has a “Replacement Cost Policy”, he may recover the rest of the replacement less the deductible amount.

Recovering the depreciation is done when the roof is replaced.  The homeowner submits the receipt he received from the roofer to the insurance company.  If the roofer charged more than the depreciated amount  the Insurance company sends the homeowner additional money to equal the replacement cost.

Some assume they will recover the deductible amount.  This is not true. The deductible is the agreed co-pay and the homeowner always pays this co-pay.

Not all policies are “Replacement Cost”.  Standard policies do not pay replacement, therefore the homeowner will not be able to recover any depreciation from a hail or windstorm loss.