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Do You Have the Insurance Protection You Need?

Insurance is no mere commodity, yet certain insurance companies would like you to believe insurance policies are as easy to compare as the price you pay.

Choosing the lowest price for car or home insurance in Paris Texas may seem like a good idea initially. Who really wants to intentionally pay more for the same coverage?

However, when you choose the insurance company offering the lowest price you need to consider the possibility that something might be missing from your overall insurance protection.

Preparing for Unexpected Events – That’s Why We Buy Insurance, Isn’t It?

Unwelcome, unexpected events can happen when you least expect it. Your life could change in the blink of an eye if you have not invested in suitable home and auto insurance protection.

Example: Tom and Mary requested new insurance quotes and a policy review from an agent not caring for their insurance needs.  They had two objectives:

First, they wanted to make sure they were not overpaying on their insurance. Second, they wanted to ensure they had sufficient coverage for their car, home, and life insurance.

The new agent began the discussion focusing on home insurance. After completing a replacement cost analysis the new agent advised Tom and Mary they were badly underinsured by more than $90,000!

Tom and Mary had felt for some time that perhaps their coverage needed to be increased on their house, but their agent Jerry insisted that it was only necessary to buy coverage based on the purchase price of their home.

At the time, Jerry’s advice seemed logical. After speaking with the new agent, Tom and Mary were now convinced it was a mistake to follow the advice Jerry gave them.

Tom and Mary decided to immediately switch their insurance to the new agency and company despite the fact they would need to invest a few hundred dollars more per year for the increase in homeowners coverage.

Three months later they would be very glad they made that investment.


Their home burned down to the foundation and was completely destroyed!

If we fast-forward one year later, an open house invitation was mailed to their new agent with these words:

“We can never thank you enough for what you did for our family!”

Tom and Mary were able to completely rebuild their home exactly as it was, replacing everything that was lost due to that devastating accidental house fire.

Listening to bad advice from an incompetent agent almost cost them significantly.

Fortunately they listened to advice from an agent they could trust.

You Can Trust Country Side Insurance. 

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Insurance for Every Situation.

Your life can drastically change at a moment’s notice as was true for Tom and Mary. Fire, flood, theft, storms and more can have a devastating impact. Insurance can protect you during events large and small.

Whether it is a wildfire or a simple cooking mishap, investing in the proper insurance plan can help you with the cost of repairs and replacement and put you back to where you were before.

Every policy is as unique as its holder so a “one size fits all” approach won’t work in most instances.

It’s important to speak with one of the qualified agents at Country Side Insurance no matter what type of insurance you need. We can help.

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Insurance can be extremely complicated. What coverage do you need versus what you have?

How much is too much or too little?  What type of discounts do I qualify for?

These are all very important questions that we can help you discover the answers to.

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