Umbrella Insurance

Big Dollar Law Suits Can Wipe Out Your Hard Earned Assets Faster Than You Can Imagine.

An friend of mine told me this true story. One of her clients, a college professor, a really nice guy, was driving home as he did every day. He didn’t see the kid on the bicycle come from the side street directly in front of his car. It was a devastating accident. The final settlement on this particular accident was $900,000.
My friend, a fellow insurance agent, just one year earlier had sold this college professor, a two million dollar umbrella policy. So the accident cost him zero dollars.
It cost him nothing. That’s a much better outcome that what would have happened if he had not had the umbrella policy.
Without the policy, the court would have first exhausted his auto policy limits, his savings and retirement accounts would have gone to pay the hospital bill and then other property would also have to be sold. The professor would have had to take bankruptcy just to survive financially.
Every time this professor sees my agent friend, he says, “Thank You!”
The umbrella policy is liability insurance.
Typically, an umbrella policy is pure liability coverage over and above the coverage of the auto and homeowners’ liability. It will not take the place of home and auto liability but it provides extra coverage beyond the limits of your other policies. Because the umbrella is liability, it does not cover losses to property due to fire, theft or other property damage.
This policy is usually inexpensive for what it does for you.
Umbrella insurance is sold in one million dollar increments. Depending on your situation, you may be able to get the policy for as little as $200-$300 per year.
Even if you are not wealthy you could become a target of a lawsuit and you do not have to be guilty to get sued. If someone thinks they have a chance of getting your hard earned assets, there are those who are very willing to go after you. You only have to appear to have more than someone else to find yourself in a lawsuit. Protect yourself.
In our society there are three things working against you:
1. It costs nothing to initiate a lawsuit.
2. Juries and judges are unpredictable.
3. Defending yourself costs enormous sums of money.
Let the insurance company defend you. Let the insurance company pay the settlement and let the insurance company do the worrying. Breathe easy and let us help you get the protection.
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