Long Term Care Insurance

Prepare For the Worst Before the Worst Happens.


Nathan Ryser with his uncle, Charles Ryser, shortly before Charles’ passing
Our family was shaken to the core when Charles, my husband’s brother and business partner, was stricken with a brain aneurysm. After spending four weeks in ICU in the hospital, he spent six months in a nursing home before he lost his battle for recovery.

It is not just the elderly who need to think about Long Term Care Insurance.

I always thought it is only the elderly who need to think about Long Term Care Insurance. That myth has been exploded. Charles was only 64 years old. He assumed he was in excellent health. On that bright spring morning in May, he got up as usual and had his coffee. No one would have predicted he would not make it to work as he planned to do.
One in four claims are for people younger than 65 years old. The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance reports that the largest LTC insurance claim surpassing 1.2 Million dollars is still unresolved. The insured is a woman who bought her policy at age 43 years and 3 years later she had to claim on it.

Your retirement can be more enjoyable and less expensive in the long run.

If you spend some money on insurance protection while you qualify for a low rate, you can enjoy your retirement traveling and doing activities you enjoy knowing your care, should you need it, will be paid by the insurance company. Your hard earned retirement dollars will not have to be drained away should the unexpected happen to you or your spouse. In 2008, 180,000 Americans received 8.5 Billion Dollars in benefits from their LTC policies. Without the insurance they would have had to pay 8.5 billion dollars from their own funds.

Buy a policy while it is cheap.

It is so much less expensive to buy a policy before you reach age 65 than to wait. The longer you wait the more the premium goes up.The cost of this protection has actually gone down in the past few years. A married couple can get a 30% discount if both qualify for the insurance.

What if you are already 65 or more years of age?

Don’t worry if you are over 65 years of age you can still get a great deal on Long Term Care Insurance. There are a number of options available to choose from. We will help you choose what is right and affordable for you.
Can you imagine how your life would be if you become disabled and did not have enough money to pay for your full time care?
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