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Marshall Texas Farm Insurance – Claim Scenario Part 26.

Last time, a very anxious Jerry and his wife Connie learned of the possibility that their home, in which a significant amount of money had been invested through a loan on their farm, may need to be condemned.

Jerod with the Acme Mighty Foundation Company inspected the foundation using Ground Penetrating Radar and he found serious flaws in the foundation which he explained could lead to the home being unsafe to live in. He suggested they have the county inspector come out.

Connie blames Jerry for this entire fiasco and she packs up the kids and leaves for her sister’s home.

In this very troubling situation, Jerry decides to visit Ken, the person he hired to transform an older barn on their farm property into their new home.

As Jerry is preparing to leave for Ken’s house, which is a few hours away, he decides to give him one last call, although he doesn’t expect anyone to answer.

Jerry’s call goes straight to voicemail once again. Jerry heads outside to his pickup truck turns the key in his ignition and makes his way onto the highway.

While on his way to Ken’s place, he thinks about turning around and going back to his home, Jerry is not the sort of person who likes confrontations but his home and marriage may be on the rocks so he feels like he has to do something — maybe Jerry has insurance that will cover the problem with his foundation.

After a long few hours of driving and more contemplation on what he would say to Ken if he finds him home, he comes to Ken’s exit, dutifully turns left at the light and travels for another 4 miles.  The empty country road dead ends and Jerry turns right at the stop sign.

Jerry travels another few miles and he sees Ken’s house in the distance, it also appears Ken might be home because he spots Ken’s work truck, sports car, and motorcycle in the driveway.

As Jerry slows his truck down, he recalls that it’s possible Ken was blocking his phone calls, would he do the same if he knocks on his door?

Jerry did not want his trip to be a waste of time, he desperately wants to talk to Ken, man to man. Jerry is in a bit of a predicament on whether to just go up and pound on the door until Ken comes out or should he give him another call?

He is undecided so he turns around in the closest driveway and travels a short distance away from Kens home and pulls over on the side of the road where he has a clear line of sight of Ken’s place.

Jerry hopes Ken won’t see him parked on the side of the road as he sits contemplating how to handle this — after all Ken had been a friend for many years.

What will happen next?  Will Jerry be able to meet Ken face to face?  Find out in our next post.

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