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We all want great deals on the things that we purchase and Texas Farm Insurance is no exception!2019/04/05

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Farm Insurance Longview Texas —Claims Scenario Part 22.

To briefly recap Jerry makes an appointment with Jerod Durham of Acme Mighty Foundation LLC company to come out to determine why his home has shifted on its foundation.

Connie believes the shifting foundation is all of Ken’s fault — Ken is the contractor that transformed their old barn into a modern residence for an unbelievable price.

As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That thought keeps running through Connie’s mind as she and Jerry are anxiously waiting for the foundation contractor to inspect their foundation in the morning to determine what the problem is.

Jerry is also very worried that Ken royally messed something up on the foundation so he drives his ATV far enough from the house to make a call to Ken. He calls 3 times and on the last call leaves a message, then he sends a text message to Ken.

Jerry is sitting patently on his ATV waiting for a call back from Ken, about 15 minutes after he sent his text message, Jerry glances down at his cell phone and notices that his text message appears to have been read on Ken’s phone.

Jerry sends another text message: “Dude we have a major problem at the house and it could be the foundation, you need to call me back ASAP!”

A few seconds later it appears that someone (maybe Ken) is texting Jerry back as the … symbol on his iPhone is flashing which normally indicates a text message is being composed.

Jerry waits, and waits for a return text message from Ken and after another 5 minutes passes he calls Ken’s cell phone again leaving and even more frantic message.

Ken doesn’t return Jerry’s call or text message and when Jerry tries to call again an hour later apparently Jerry’s calls are now being blocked by Ken!

Jerry thinks about driving over to his house but that is over 2 hours away.  Jerry gives up at least for now and neither Jerry nor Connie get a minute of rest.

At 7 am in the morning Jerod Durham of Acme Mighty Foundation LLC company meets the couple and begins the inspection process. Both Jerry and Connie initially wanted to follow Jerod as he was running a GPR device to analyze the foundation.  GPR stands for Ground Penetrating Radar.

Jerod quickly mentions he works best when not being shadowed by customers or pestered with questions — he dismisses the couple and tells them to wait inside their home and he would see them soon.

Jerod knocks on their front door about 1 hour later needing access to the inside of the home for an additional scan from the interior of the home.

Another hour passes before Jerod knocks on the door to explain his findings.

“Well, I can’t say that I have ever got a reading like the one I just performed, in fact I ran my scans 2 times just to make sure.” Jerod pauses and takes a deep breath, ““Uh, what was the name of the contractor who laid your foundation?”

Connie angrily blurts out, “It was Ken, Jerry’s friend, what did he do wrong?”

Jerod pulls out of his folder a print out of his scans and begins to explain…

What exactly is wrong with Jerry and Connie’s’ foundation?  Learn the answer in our next post.

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