Farm Insurance Kilgore Texas

Farm Insurance Kilgore Texas — An Agent You Can Trust!

Farm Insurance Kilgore Texas — An Agent You Can Trust!

If you’re looking for Farm Insurance in Kilgore Texas or the surrounding areas you need an agent you can trust to help you with your Farm Insurance needs.

Country Side Insurance offers very competitive options and coverage terms for Farmers throughout the state of Texas and we work hard for our Farmers!

Call 903-378-7300 or toll-free: 888-505-7550 Monday through Friday up until 5 PM central time to discuss your Farm Insurance needs or send us a request to learn more about our Farm Insurance Policies by choosing a link that best corresponds to your farm location:

Farm Insurance Kilgore Texas — Insurance is Complicated!

The Insurance policies we purchase either for our Car, Home, or Farm Insurance are probably a bit more complicated than you might imagine.

In reality Farm Insurance Policies are no different than any other type of insurance policy purchased — they are drawn up by attorneys and they are a legal contract between policyholders and the insurance company!

Insurance policies contain all sorts of legal mumbo-jumbo that spell out exactly what the insurance company is going to cover, and what they will not cover. (also known as Exclusions of coverage)

Here’s the problem that some of us run into with insurance — we don’t read our insurance policies, other than looking at the price!

Even if we do take a brief glance at the declaration page, our eyes may quickly glaze over!  Insurance policies are written in the language of lawyers (legalese) because they are for all practical purposes a legal contract.

After trying to decipher what the policy states we may quickly give up and take the next logical step — we stuff our insurance policy into a drawer and quickly forget!

Let’s be realistic, insurance for most of us is a necessary evil, if we had our druthers, we probably wouldn’t spend any money on insurance!

Insurance of course is mandatory by state law if you have a driver’s license or own an automobile, or you have a mortgage on your home, or farm.

However, truth be told, Insurance is a rather important element to your overall financial security, why do we state this?

Insurance in realty is a financial risk transfer concept.  For a specified premium amount, we as policyholders agree to transfer certain risk elements to our insurance company and they agree to reimburse us for financial losses.

Farm Insurance Kilgore Texas — Claims Example

You have purchased a Farm Policy covering your 5,000-acre farm and included with that policy is coverage for all of your equipment, outbuildings, your home, and coverage for your livestock and crops.

On a Monday afternoon at around 3:12 PM while you and your family are hunkered down in your storm cellar an EF4 tornado rips apart one of your outbuildings where your 2-year-old John Deere Combine is stored.

Both your Combine and outbuilding are completely destroyed. Fortunately, you had insured your building for $100,000 and your Combine for $450,000.

Within a few days after you file your insurance claim with your company, they write a check so you can begin construction for a new building and you have the money to purchase another combine.

This is called risk transference.  For your premium payments you transfer risk to the insurance company, in turn the insurance company makes a promise to you for financial reimbursement in the event of a covered claim.

Here is the catch, not every claim event is covered by insurance.  In our next post we will continue our account of Connie and Jerry’s troubles – yes, they have insurance on their farm, but will their policy cover the damage to their foundation?

Farm Insurance Kilgore Texas — Free Farm Insurance Reviews.

As was mentioned above insurance can be complicated. And we share fictitious stories on our websites loosely based on real events upon occasion and we call these stories claim scenarios.

One of the most important services we offer potential clients are insurance reviews.

Please take advantage of our free Farm insurance policy reviews by calling us at 903-378-7300 or toll-free: 888-505-7550 Mon-Fri until 5 PM central time or send us a request to learn more about our Farm Insurance Policies by choosing a link that best matches your nearby farm location: