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Farmers Insurance Clarksville Tx — Claims Scenario Part 18 Recap One.

To recap we are following the continuing story of Connie and Jerry. They own a family farm that has been passed down several generations. Because of their growing family they have simply run out of living space and they decided to convert an older barn on their property into a home.

The extra space they have now is so much better. Previously they were crammed into a 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom farm house they jokingly referred to as their ‘Tiny Farmhouse.’

Because it is tough to raise a family of 6 in such small accommodations they definitely saw the need for a larger space.

Connie never brought it up at family gatherings with her parents or her grandparents that had to endure living in such tight quarters but she secretly wondered how Grandma and Pa were able to cope as they had 6 children making 8 in total in the same house they resided!

Fast forwarding a bit in our story we find Connie had watched a show on one of the many home improvement stations presenting how to convert old barns into homes and she discussed with Jerry and they wanted to explored their options in taking this step.

Because Connie is frugal she was reluctant to pay top dollar for contractors — the area had experienced a building boom because of the economy — high paying jobs were plentiful and contractors are in such high demand they were charging top dollar for new home construction.

Connie thought the price might not be affordable until Jerry mentioned that his friend Ken (whom Connie had never previously met) might be able to cut them a deal.

In addition to being frugal Connie is also a bit skeptical so she was making some negative assumptions about Jerry’s “friend” Ken in whom she’d never met.

However, when Ken was invited over to take a look at the barn, Connie was impressed with Ken. Not only was he tall, dark, and handsome. Ken was one smooth operator, he answered every objection that Connie voiced and he convinced the couple to move forward with the project.

There were a few hiccups along the way as is true of any construction project but after some time they were able to move into their newly converted home and they had a lot more elbow room — plus they could have friends and family over!

Fast forwarding six months something happens to the home that leads to it being condemned and unfit for habitation. We will see how that all plays out in our next post.

Farmers Insurance Clarksville Tx — Claims Scenario Part 18 Recap One.

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Insurance for Farmers Denison Tx

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Denison Tx Insurance for Farmers – Claims Scenario Part 17

Last time, Ken and his small team of contractors completed the project, but not without some setbacks along the way.

In particular, the members of Ken’s construction crew caught the flu. One of them, a guy named, Frankie was hospitalized due to the illness.

As a result of this unfortunate turn of events, Ken had to implement an alternative plan for the structure’s foundation.

When the big day finally came and Connie saw her newly-built dream home for the first time, she was moved to tears of joy. Her skepticism about Ken’s ability to do the task properly was now completely washed away.

Half a year later, Connie and Jerry have been living happily in their new home. Its location being so much closer to the rest of the farm makes Connie’s work days much easier, not to mention the larger space allows more family gatherings.

Connie and Jerry regularly entertain family and friends at their home now that they have so much more space to do so and they certainly enjoy the many compliments received by others on the beauty of their new house.

One breezy Tuesday morning, however, as she was standing in her kitchen, Connie was startled by a loud, low sound coming from under the floor. A moment later, she felt a small but noticeable tremor beneath her, it felt almost like an earthquake but it only lasted for a couple seconds.

What did Connie just experience? Find out more in our next issue.

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Winnsboro Tx Farm Insurance

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Farm and Home Insurance in Winnsboro Texas – Would This Be Covered? Part 8

In Part 7, we concluded the story of Jonathan Wadsworth Jr., his crashed Maserati sports car, Bessie the cow, and her owner Farmer Shuck.

After being sued by the Wadsworth family for the destruction of the Maserati, Farmer Shuck was ultimately found not to be responsible for the damage.

Among other things, the case primarily hinged on whether or not the plaintiffs could demonstrate that the farmer had effectively allowed his cow, Bessie, to roam freely beyond his property.

Farmer Shuck was able to show that his fence was kept in reasonably good condition and previous damage to it had been repaired in a timely manner and the court agreed with him.

Not only that, but Farmer Shuck’s insurance company covered the costs of the trial.

We ended last week’s article with a new question: What if these events had led to a different outcome?

Let’s wind the clock back to just before the start of the trial.

In this alternate telling of the story, let’s imagine that Farmer Shuck was not able to find any receipts or records of previous repairs to his fence.

Let’s also imagine that the plaintiffs were able to produce some additional evidence to strengthen their case.

The legal team working on behalf of the Wadsworth family finds some records online of a news report from several months ago. The local news excerpt reported that a firm based in Dallas profiled several local farmers for a study being performed on the agricultural community in the area.

It just so happens that Farmer Shuck was one of the farmers who was profiled.

The legal team contacts the Dallas firm and is able to procure some photos taken of Farmer Shuck and his property during the study.

What is depicted din these photos and how could it change the outcome of the trial? Find out next time.

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