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Pattonville Texas Farm Insurance — Claims Scenario Part 20.

In our last post Jerry calls and leaves a message on the answering machine over at the Farmers Association.

Fred Sampson, the outgoing president calls Jerry back and tells him he can’t think of any of the other farmers having problems with sinkholes, the only sinkhole problem he could remember was one that happened in the middle of an intersection in Beaumont back in 2015.

Fred suggests to Jerry that he might want to call a foundation repair company over in Paris to have them come out and take a look to see what might be the problem.

After the call ends Jerry knows he might have a little bit of an uncomfortable conversation with Connie.  Connie was busying herself in the kitchen hanging on to every word she could hear as Jerry was talking to Fred.

Jerry hangs the phone up and turns around to face Connie who is in the kitchen next to the living room and starts off trying to soften what he knows is coming next, “Connie did you know Fred sold his land?  He’s moving to Florida to be with his daughter and their family, can you believe that, that farm’s been in his family name for five generations!”

Connie has no response and Jerry continues, “he also wished us the best and we can come visit anytime once he gets settled into his new place in Panama City Florida.”

Connie raises her eyebrows with a stern look, “Well?” she states expectedly completely ignoring the fact that Fred sold out.

“Fred said it’s probably not a sinkhole,” he quickly states, “we should call one of the foundation companies over in Paris to have them take a look.”

Connie raises her voice, “your friend Ken better not have anything to do with this Jerry or I’ll skin him alive and you too for hiring him.”

Jerry doesn’t want to fight with his wife so he tells Connie, “let me call a company and get them out here so we can get to the bottom of this and find out what happened.”

Jerry makes a few phone calls and makes appointment with a foundation repair company who will meet them in the morning.

We will learn what happens in our next post.

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Barn Insurance Denison Tx

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Barn Insurance Denison Tx – Claims Scenario Part 10

Previously, Jerry and Connie received word that the necessary repairs to the barn’s foundation and structure would not be covered by their policy.

Due to Uncle Frank’s warning, the couple knew that this meant they would have to choose between abandoning the project altogether on the one hand and shelling out a lot more money than they originally planned on the other.

After discussing it for three days, the two ultimately decided that they wanted to go forward with building their dream home, despite the unforeseen costs they now knew would be involved.

Jerry mentioned to Connie that he thinks he knows a way that they could save some money on the repairs.

“I think I know of someone who can do this for us at an affordable price,” Jerry explains. “But first, I’d like to get an estimate.”

Jerry and Connie seek out an estimate for the construction costs necessary to replace the damaged portions of the structure, relay the foundation, and fix the source of the water damage once and for all.

A worker representing a local contracting company drives out to Connie and Jerry’s property to perform an appraisal of the building in order to provide the couple with an estimate for the work.

Jerry just about chokes when he sees the quote the worker comes up with.

“Oh yeah,” says Jerry to Connie later that evening. “We can definitely have this work done for less than that.”

Connie is not quite so confident as Jerry seems to be.

Find out about Jerry’s plan in our next episode.

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