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Barn Insurance Sherman Tx – Claims Scenario Part 7

In Part 6 of our story, which is available to read when you click on Royce City Tx Barn Insurance, Connie spoke with her insurance agent, Mary, about their barn situation.

Mary explained that it was unlikely their farm policy would cover the repairs, but just to be sure, she went ahead and filed a claim. She informed them that a claims adjuster would be sent to assess the situation.

A few days later, a claims adjuster arrives at Connie and Jerry’s property to perform his assessment.

The adjuster introduces himself as Willy Wobblebottom. He asks Connie and Jerry a series of questions about their property and then asks them to show him to the barn.

They lead Willy out to the barn and point him in the direction of the damage. Willy proceeds to survey the structure, poking and prodding here and there and jotting down some notes.

When he finishes his inspection, Willy tells the couple that they should get an answer within a week or so and then departs.

For now, all Connie and Jerry can do is wait for the verdict. Connie is feeling especially glum.

She knows it’s unlikely that the insurance company will cover the claim. She had big plans for a dream home on that spot, but her plans did not take into account the extensive repairs that will be required to fix the barn before they can begin turning it into a home.

If the insurance company denies the claim, will it still be worthwhile to move forward with their building plans? Connie isn’t sure.

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