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Farm and Home Insurance in Emory Texas – Would This Be Covered? Part 10

In our last entry, the plaintiffs’ legal team presented evidence to the jury that does not look good for Farmer Shuck.

The evidence consisted of photographs taken of Farmer Shuck and his farm during an interview conducted as part of an agricultural study performed by a Dallas firm several months ago.

In the background of the photos, the lawyers pointed out, there can be seen a segment of fence that is damaged to the point that it would not be difficult to imagine cows being able to roam outside of the fence boundary, just as Bessie the cow had done.

Farmer Shuck had claimed early on in the trial that he always repaired his fence in a timely and responsible manner, but because he was not able to produce any receipts or records to suggest that this was the case, the lawyers were able to frame the photos as evidence that he was not as responsible about repairing his property as he claimed.

Due to the angle and framing of the photographs, it is impossible to know whether the damaged section of the fence depicted in the photo is the same section that Bessie the cow escaped through. If it is the same section of fence, the lawyers argue, then it’s clear that the fence remained unfixed for several months at least.

The jury seems to agree.

What implications does this have for Farmer Shuck and his farm insurance? Find out next time.

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