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Cooper Tx Farm Insurance

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Farm and Home Insurance in Cooper Texas – Series Recap

Now that we’ve finished our twelve part series illustrating the importance of having quality farm insurance in Texas, we would like to summarize the story, recap the main points, and provide a table of contents for quickly navigating to each of the twelve parts of the series.

We’ll begin with Parts 1 through 6:

Part 1: Gainesville Tx Farm and Home Insurance

In Part 1 we were introduced to Jonathan T. Wadsworth III who was driving his brand new Maserati through the country. He only just noticed a cow standing in the middle of the road in time to swerve at high speed and roll his beautiful new car into a patch of farmland.

Farmer Shuck, the owner of the cow (named Bessie) heard the crash and called 911.

Part 2: Farm and Home Insurance Gainesville Tx

In Part 2 Jonathan T. Wadsworth’s father, a wealthy oil tycoon sues Farmer Shuck for liability because Bessie the cow was his responsibility.

Part 3: Whitesboro Tx Farm and Home Insurance

In Part 3, we explore whether Farmer Shuck is to blame. We learned about Stock Laws and that if the county has a stock law on the books and Farmer Shuck can be shown to have been negligent, then he could potentially be held liable

Part 4: Farm Insurance Whitesboro Tx

In Part 4, we learned that another factor in this situation is the type of road on which the accident occurred. If Bessie had been standing on a federal or state highway, the county’s stock law would not apply. The crash occurred on a country road, however, so if there is a stock law then it would apply. After checking with the local government the defense learns that there is indeed a stock law.

Part 5: Paris Tx Farm Insurance

In Part 5, we learned that in order to prove that Farmer Shuck is liable, it must be shown that he knowingly allowed Bessie the cow to roam freely and discussed some examples of evidence that would point to such a conclusion.

Part 6: Farm Insurance Paris Tx

In Part 6, the court found that receipts showing Farmer Shuck repaired his fence responsibly in the past proved that he is not liable for the car accident. Even though he won the suit, his legal expenses were high. That’s why he’s glad his farm insurance policy has a provision designed to cover legal fees incurred when lawsuits are filed.

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