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Bonham Tx Insurance for Farmers – Claims Scenario Part 12

Here’s a recap of what happened in our previous article:

Jerry and Connie decided to go ahead and build their dream home despite the fact that they never expected to have to pay for the replacement of their old barn’s foundation and water system.

They were not sure what to do. They don’t want to compromise on any features of the home they have been envisioning all this time.

That’s when Jerry pitched an idea to Connie. He told her that he has an old friend named Ken who used to work on homes.

Jerry informs her that he learned everything he knows about carpentry and building from Ken, and that, because they’re old friends and because of Ken’s connections in the industry, Jerry’s confident that Ken will be willing to perform the necessary fixes to their barn for a much lower price point than what the local contractor estimated.

Despite her reservations, Connie ultimately agrees to at least allow Ken to visit the property and to provide the couple with a quote.

Jerry is enthusiastic, as he plans to help Ken out as a handyman during the construction.

Although Jerry’s participation will save the couple some money, Connie has her doubts about the quality of the work her husband and his friend will be able to perform.

She keeps her reservations to herself for the meantime, though. Jerry excitedly calls up his old buddy and schedules an appointment for the following week.

The day arrives, and Ken shows up to take some measurements and get a feel for the scope of the project.

He pulls up in a big, rusted-out pickup truck that’s caked in mud from tires to rooftop. The muffler kicks and sputters noisily while the truck idles for a moment before the driver finally kills the engine.

Jerry jogs around to the other side of the truck to greet Ken as he exits the vehicle, but Connie stays where she is.

Needless to say, so far, she is not impressed.

Next time, we meet the infamous Ken.

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Farm Insurance Fannin County Texas

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Farm Insurance Fannin County Tx – Coverage Scenario Part 1

Reginald Upright owns one of the larger farms in town. Reginald’s keen business sense and strong work ethic over the years have led him to become a very successful farmer.

Dale Grudgely has also been a farmer for most of his life. Unlike Reginald, though, Dale has often cut corners and made poor business decisions. Unsurprisingly, his farm has never been nearly as successful or lucrative as Reginald Upright’s operation.

Dale has always resented Reginald, and this resentment only intensified when Dale was forced to lease a large section of his own land to Reginald to make ends meet.

One warm Wednesday morning, while working in the sorghum field he leased to Reginald’s farm, Dale gets a call on his cell phone.

He learns that one of his biggest buyers has decided to discontinue purchasing crops from Dale.

When asked why, they tell Dale that the quality of his crops is lacking and that they can no longer tolerate his frequent delays, lack of communication, and other issues that make him difficult to do business with.

The final straw is reached when Dale discovers that the company will be buying from Reginald Upright’s farm from now on.

Enraged, Dale wants nothing more than to stick it to Reginald somehow. He gets ready to gun it through the rows of sorghum plants tractor pull-style. He hits the gas, but is not prepared for the tractor’s violent lurch that follows.

Dale tumbles off the back of the vehicle, leaving the tractor to fly – unmanned – straight into the side of one of Dale’s barns.

The tractor tears through a short stretch of sorghum plants, then crashes into the barn so hard it breaks through to the inside, damaging some of the supports along the way.

Dale watches helplessly as the entire structure collapses. His only hope is that his farm insurance will cover the loss.

What do you think? Will Dale’s Texas Farm Insurance cover the loss?

We’ll find out in next week’s article: Farm Insurance Fannin County Texas

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