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Bonham Tx Insurance for Farmers – Claims Scenario Part 12

Here’s a recap of what happened in our previous article:

Jerry and Connie decided to go ahead and build their dream home despite the fact that they never expected to have to pay for the replacement of their old barn’s foundation and water system.

They were not sure what to do. They don’t want to compromise on any features of the home they have been envisioning all this time.

That’s when Jerry pitched an idea to Connie. He told her that he has an old friend named Ken who used to work on homes.

Jerry informs her that he learned everything he knows about carpentry and building from Ken, and that, because they’re old friends and because of Ken’s connections in the industry, Jerry’s confident that Ken will be willing to perform the necessary fixes to their barn for a much lower price point than what the local contractor estimated.

Despite her reservations, Connie ultimately agrees to at least allow Ken to visit the property and to provide the couple with a quote.

Jerry is enthusiastic, as he plans to help Ken out as a handyman during the construction.

Although Jerry’s participation will save the couple some money, Connie has her doubts about the quality of the work her husband and his friend will be able to perform.

She keeps her reservations to herself for the meantime, though. Jerry excitedly calls up his old buddy and schedules an appointment for the following week.

The day arrives, and Ken shows up to take some measurements and get a feel for the scope of the project.

He pulls up in a big, rusted-out pickup truck that’s caked in mud from tires to rooftop. The muffler kicks and sputters noisily while the truck idles for a moment before the driver finally kills the engine.

Jerry jogs around to the other side of the truck to greet Ken as he exits the vehicle, but Connie stays where she is.

Needless to say, so far, she is not impressed.

Next time, we meet the infamous Ken.

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Barn Insurance Bonham Tx – Be Sure to Read the Exclusions!

When it comes to understanding your Bonham Texas Farm Insurance policy, it is of the utmost importance that you pay attention to your policy’s exclusions of coverage.

Exclusions of coverage, as the name implies, are events, damages, or practices for which coverage does not apply. They can differ from policy to policy and between companies, so it’s important to always be aware of the exclusions laid out in your current policy.

One reason you should scrutinize your policy’s exclusions is that you may be surprised by some of the exclusions you find. Many of a given policy’s exclusions will seem like common sense but there are bound to be a few that contradict your intuitions.

For example, many people assume fire damage would be covered by their dwelling policy, and in most cases they would be correct. However, many people also assume that flooding damage is covered by their dwelling coverage, yet this is often not the case.

In our next article, which you can jump to by clicking on Bonham Tx Barn Insurance, we will take a look at a fictional insurance claim scenario and pose the question, “would this be covered?”

So check in next time or click the link above to explore this fictional scenario.

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Farm and Home Insurance in Bonham Tx

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Bonham Tx Farm and Home Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 3 

In our last entry, which you can read by clicking on Farm Insurance Sulphur Springs Tx, Don had finished putting up a new barn and pole barn on his farm property and was ready to purchase insurance coverage for the structures. 

Don reckoned that he would insure the two buildings for the amount he paid to construct them and no more than that. After all, he received such a good deal on their construction; why not continue the savings by keeping the premium rates low, too? 

Sam, Don’s insurance agent, begs to differ, though. In fact, Sam suggested Don insure the barns for $33,000, despite the fact that they only cost Don $25,000 to build. 

Sam told Don that although the barns were built for well under market value, their replacement cost will be much higher. Not only that, but the outbuildings’ value will go up over the years, just like houses do. 

Sam convinced Don, and he agreed to increase the policy coverage limit from $25,000 to $33,000. 

So did Don make the right choice? 

Well, about seven years passed since Don put up the barns. Each year Don would check in with Sam and update his coverage to reflect changes in the market. 

One evening, while Don was out of town, faulty wiring in his barn set fire to the structure. By the time anyone learned what had happened, both the barn and the pole barn were nothing but charred, smoldering charcoal. 

Don submitted a claim to his insurance provider for the total loss of the barns. 

In the years since erecting them, Don’s business has grown to rely on the outbuildings for day-to-day operations, so it’s a foregone conclusion that he will be rebuilding them. 

Unfortunately, Don’s friend Al who helped him out so tremendously with the cost the first time around has since retired from the construction business. It seems unlikely that Don will be able to rebuild at such a reduced cost again. 

What will be the insurance company’s verdict? Will Don be able to rebuild? Find out by reading Farm and Home Insurance Bonham Texas: Part 4

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