Pet Insurance


What is Pet Health Insurance?

We love our pets! They are so much fun! But often those special members of your family need treatment for illness or injuries. Pet Insurance helps you avoid the difficult financial decisions about the care of your pet. Veterinary costs are rising and Pet insurance can help you provide your pet with the care it needs. Many people consider insurance on their pet’s medical care as a part of the cost of owning a loveable pet.

What pet insurance plans are available?

Level 1 is accident coverage . It covers treatment and medications for injuries such as burns, broken bones, lacerations and more.
Level 2 covers treatment for injuries and illnesses. This includes coverage for lab tests, x-rays, surgery, hospitalization, prescriptions, medications and more.
Level 3 is for accidents, illness and routine wellness care. This covers prescription medications, diagnostic procedures, lab tests, surgery, hospitalization, spaying/neutering, heart worm test, canine and feline distemper combo vaccine and more.

How does pet insurance work?

Get treatment at any licensed vet, including emergency care and specialists, in Canada or the US and pay for the services. Then file a claim with our simple form with your receipts. Get reimbursed 80% of usual and customary covered charges. There is an annual $100 deductible per pet. If you are not satisfied there is 30-day money back guarantee.
You can fill out the online application here: and use the code: FLD263 when prompted. You can always call the office if you have any questions 903-378-7300