Farm Insurance

Protect Your Farm Property and Investments

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You worry about what may happen to your crop. Do you also worry about what may happen to your house, barns, equipment and stored farm products? Loss of these can be just as bad as losing as a field crop. A lightning storm, tornado or fire can destroy your house or farm buildings in a few minutes. Proper management means you have a farm insurance policy that can protect your valuable farm buildings and equipment as well as hay and livestock.
A homeowners policy usually will not protect your farm buildings, large tractors or other farm equipment. You need to make sure you have the correct protection. You have spent too much money on equipment to risk losing it in a storm or fire.

Protect Yourself And Others From Liability Claims.

Do children regularly visit your farm? Do neighbors, relatives or part time employees sometimes help you work your cattle? Do your neighbors help mow your pasture or pick up pecans on your place? What if the chemical weed control you spray on your crop drifts to your neighbor’s corn crop and damages it? If you own more than 10 acres you need a specialized liability policy to protect you from lawsuits and to pay the medical payments of those who may get hurt on your place through no fault of your own. The regular homeowners’ policy may not cover chemical drift or farm related liability claims. Our farm insurance liability will.

We can take some of the worry off your mind.

Imagine how much better you will feel knowing you are protected. You can call Glenn Lee at 903-378-7300 or email him: Life is unpredictable and waiting can cost you a bundle.