Classic Car Insurance

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Protect Your Prized Possessions

If you have your prized classic car listed on your personal auto insurance policy, you may have a serious gap in your insurance coverage!

You just love your 1957 Chevy. That car has a lot of your time and money invested in restoring it. It shines like new money. Because you want it to look great all the time, you keep it polished, and never drive it in the rain. When you take it out for a spin, heads turn to look at it. It is your pride and joy.

Here are three reasons you need classic car insurance

Personal auto insurance policies list classic cars as just another family vehicle. You may not be able to get physical damage protection (collision & other than collision) on a classic car because of the age of the vehicle. What if the car is burned, stolen, or wrecked? How much will you get to repair or replace it? Classic car insurance policies list the amount the car is covered for, so it eliminates the guess work when there is a claim.
Even if you have been paying for comprehensive coverage on your classic car on your personal auto policy, in the event of a claim, the insurance company may pay according to the “Blue Book Value” on an older vehicle. “Blue Book Value” is like saying your immaculately restored classic is just another used car. Your car is most likely worth much more than the generic blue book value. Classic auto policies pay based on the value that you and the insurance company agree on when the policy is written.
You are most likely paying too much premium if you have the car on your personal auto policy. Less coverage for more money? Why would you do that? “Full” coverage with a zero deductible on a classic auto policy is often less than half the premium of what liability only would be for the same car on a “regular” auto policy. That’s because classic auto insurers know that your collector car is not being used as a daily driver. Less use equal less risk. That translates to lower premiums for you.
An insurance company that specializes in classic cars understands how you treasure your ride. You always keep it in a safe place and you rarely, if ever, drive it when the weather is bad. They have a policy tailored especially to your needs. Because you take such good care of your car, the company is willing to offer a policy at a much lower price. Don’t pay more than necessary or be lacking in protection (or both!).

Imagine what a great feeling it is to know that your prized car has the right protection. Call us at 903-378-7300 and Glenn will help you get the policy you need for your classic car. You can email him as well