Business Auto Insurance



Managing Your Risk Means Protecting Your Business.

If you own a business and use your vehicle to transport goods or drive to job sites, your personal auto insurance policy may not pay if you have an accident in that vehicle.
You need to make sure that your coverage levels for your business auto insurance are high enough to protect your business and you personally from any claims–even unwarranted ones–that can be devastating.
Worried about costs? Don’t be. Business auto insurance is remarkably inexpensive–especially given how important the protection is to your business.
Texas Business auto insurance can cover all of the following risks:
• Comprehensive and Collision
• Emergency Roadside Assistance
• Liability
• Medical Payments
• Loss of earnings
• Uninsured Motor Vehicle
Business auto insurance is available to business owners who owns vehicles used for a commercial purpose. Coverage protects owners against damage and liability claims.