Boat Insurance

Boating Accidents Happen Often.

What is more fun in the summer than riding in your beautiful boat on a calm lake with your good friends? These times can be the best of times. Unfortunately, these good times can be spoiled by boating accidents. Boating accidents can happen quickly and they happen often.

A boating accident at the Newberry Creek Marina on Lake Texoma sent four people to the hospital. According to the Herald Democrat, an accident happened when gas vapors escaped while the boat engine was being fueled resulting in an explosion. This sent the engine cover into the air and knocked the occupants around inside the boat. Some of the occupants suffered severe burns and other injuries. Boating accidents can happen in seconds!

Here Are Four Reasons Why You Need Boat Insurance:

Those injured in an accident while on your boat may need extensive medical coverage to cover severe injuries.
Even if you have no debt on the boat, you will lose your money you paid for it and all your equipment, if it sinks, burns or is stolen.
If the boat collides with another boat and you are at fault, you could be liable for the property damage to the other boat and the equipment it is carrying.
If your boat causes an accident with another craft, you may be held liable for the medical expenses of injured people on the other boat and/or your friends riding with you. You can be sued if you do not have the insurance coverage.

Imagine how your life would be if your sunny weekend turned into a financial nightmare.

At Country Side Insurance we have protected the residents in the North Texas area from loss in boating accidents since 1989.

Complete the boat quote request form to the right before that boat launches. We at Country Side Insurance will contact you with boat insurance protection that will pay for itself in peace of mind as well as dollars and cents.

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