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Farm Insurance Gladewater Texas

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Farm Insurance Gladewater Texas — Claims Scenario Part 23.

In our last article that you can read by clicking Farm Insurance Longview Texas, we find Jerod Durham of the Acme Mighty Foundation LLC coming out to inspect the foundation of Connie and Jerry’s home — something has gone terribly wrong at their home and Connie’s suspicions about Jerry’s friend Ken are about to be revealed.

Ken had converted Connie and Jerry’s home from a large barn into a home for much less than what other contractors had bid.

Is the saying if it’s too good to be true, it probably is, now coming back to haunt Jerry and Connie?  

Let’s find out.

Jerod sits down with Connie and Jerry to go over his findings.  “Well, I can’t say that I have ever got a reading like the one I just performed, in fact I ran my scans 2 times just to make sure.” Jerod pauses and takes a deep breath, ““Uh, what was the name of the contractor who laid your foundation?”

Connie angrily blurts out, “It was Ken, Jerry’s friend, what did he do wrong?”

Jerod pulls out of his folder a printout of his radar scans.

Jerod begins, “Here are the scans of your foundation and do either of you know anything about concrete foundations?”

Connie looks clueless, but Jerry snatches up the scans that Jerod printed out and closely looks at them for a minute or so while Jerod sits by silently.

Jerry is no expert on how to read ground penetrating radar scans but something doesn’t look right on the scans.  He starts to feel a bit queasy as he hands back the scans to Jerod.

Jerod continues, “you said your concrete foundation was laid about six months, ago right?”

Connie and Jerry nod, and Jerod continues “the readings that I’m getting show a significant deterioration in the foundation that you normally would not see unless the foundation is very old, or the concrete mix was defective somehow,” Jerod pauses not sure how to break this last piece of news to them, “to make matters even worse it looks like the concrete was not reinforced.”

Connie interrupts Jerod, “the concrete mix was defective and not reinforced, what’s that mean?”

Jerod begins his explanation… which we will learn more in our next post.

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