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Farm Insurance Kilgore Texas — An Agent You Can Trust!

Farm Insurance Kilgore Texas — An Agent You Can Trust!

If you’re looking for Farm Insurance in Kilgore Texas or the surrounding areas you need an agent you can trust to help you with your Farm Insurance needs.

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Farm Insurance Kilgore Texas — Insurance is Complicated!

The Insurance policies we purchase either for our Car, Home, or Farm Insurance are probably a bit more complicated than you might imagine.

In reality Farm Insurance Policies are no different than any other type of insurance policy purchased — they are drawn up by attorneys and they are a legal contract between policyholders and the insurance company!

Insurance policies contain all sorts of legal mumbo-jumbo that spell out exactly what the insurance company is going to cover, and what they will not cover. (also known as Exclusions of coverage)

Here’s the problem that some of us run into with insurance — we don’t read our insurance policies, other than looking at the price!

Even if we do take a brief glance at the declaration page, our eyes may quickly glaze over!  Insurance policies are written in the language of lawyers (legalese) because they are for all practical purposes a legal contract.

After trying to decipher what the policy states we may quickly give up and take the next logical step — we stuff our insurance policy into a drawer and quickly forget!

Let’s be realistic, insurance for most of us is a necessary evil, if we had our druthers, we probably wouldn’t spend any money on insurance!

Insurance of course is mandatory by state law if you have a driver’s license or own an automobile, or you have a mortgage on your home, or farm.

However, truth be told, Insurance is a rather important element to your overall financial security, why do we state this?

Insurance in realty is a financial risk transfer concept.  For a specified premium amount, we as policyholders agree to transfer certain risk elements to our insurance company and they agree to reimburse us for financial losses.

Farm Insurance Kilgore Texas — Claims Example

You have purchased a Farm Policy covering your 5,000-acre farm and included with that policy is coverage for all of your equipment, outbuildings, your home, and coverage for your livestock and crops.

On a Monday afternoon at around 3:12 PM while you and your family are hunkered down in your storm cellar an EF4 tornado rips apart one of your outbuildings where your 2-year-old John Deere Combine is stored.

Both your Combine and outbuilding are completely destroyed. Fortunately, you had insured your building for $100,000 and your Combine for $450,000.

Within a few days after you file your insurance claim with your company, they write a check so you can begin construction for a new building and you have the money to purchase another combine.

This is called risk transference.  For your premium payments you transfer risk to the insurance company, in turn the insurance company makes a promise to you for financial reimbursement in the event of a covered claim.

Here is the catch, not every claim event is covered by insurance.  In our next post we will continue our account of Connie and Jerry’s troubles – yes, they have insurance on their farm, but will their policy cover the damage to their foundation?

Farm Insurance Kilgore Texas — Free Farm Insurance Reviews.

As was mentioned above insurance can be complicated. And we share fictitious stories on our websites loosely based on real events upon occasion and we call these stories claim scenarios.

One of the most important services we offer potential clients are insurance reviews.

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Farm Insurance Gladewater Texas

Farm Insurance Gladewater Texas — Great Rates for Farmers!

Farm Insurance Gladewater Texas

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Farm Insurance Gladewater Texas — Claims Scenario Part 23.

In our last article that you can read by clicking Farm Insurance Longview Texas, we find Jerod Durham of the Acme Mighty Foundation LLC coming out to inspect the foundation of Connie and Jerry’s home — something has gone terribly wrong at their home and Connie’s suspicions about Jerry’s friend Ken are about to be revealed.

Ken had converted Connie and Jerry’s home from a large barn into a home for much less than what other contractors had bid.

Is the saying if it’s too good to be true, it probably is, now coming back to haunt Jerry and Connie?  

Let’s find out.

Jerod sits down with Connie and Jerry to go over his findings.  “Well, I can’t say that I have ever got a reading like the one I just performed, in fact I ran my scans 2 times just to make sure.” Jerod pauses and takes a deep breath, ““Uh, what was the name of the contractor who laid your foundation?”

Connie angrily blurts out, “It was Ken, Jerry’s friend, what did he do wrong?”

Jerod pulls out of his folder a printout of his radar scans.

Jerod begins, “Here are the scans of your foundation and do either of you know anything about concrete foundations?”

Connie looks clueless, but Jerry snatches up the scans that Jerod printed out and closely looks at them for a minute or so while Jerod sits by silently.

Jerry is no expert on how to read ground penetrating radar scans but something doesn’t look right on the scans.  He starts to feel a bit queasy as he hands back the scans to Jerod.

Jerod continues, “you said your concrete foundation was laid about six months, ago right?”

Connie and Jerry nod, and Jerod continues “the readings that I’m getting show a significant deterioration in the foundation that you normally would not see unless the foundation is very old, or the concrete mix was defective somehow,” Jerod pauses not sure how to break this last piece of news to them, “to make matters even worse it looks like the concrete was not reinforced.”

Connie interrupts Jerod, “the concrete mix was defective and not reinforced, what’s that mean?”

Jerod begins his explanation… which we will learn more in our next post.

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Clarksville Tx Insurance for Farmers

Insurance for Farmers Clarksville Tx – Experience the Savings!

Clarksville Tx Insurance for Farmers

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Clarksville Tx Insurance for Farmers – Claims Scenario Part 14

In our previous article following a couple’s journey as they attempt to convert their old barn into a new home for themselves, we witnessed the arrival of Jerry’s friend Ken, a part-time contractor who the couple are considering hiring for the project because of the significant discount he will provide them.

After an initial poor impression, Connie was surprised to see that Ken is not at all what she expected.

Based on the condition of his vehicle, Connie expected Ken to be somewhat of a slob and rather unprofessional in his appearance and demeanor. Instead, he turned out to be well kempt, clean cut, and handsome.

Let’s find out what happens once he begins his inspection.

Ken whips out his clipboard and casually strolls around the outside of the building. He occasionally takes a measurement here and there or jots a note down on his clipboard, all the while cracking wise and schmoozing with Jerry and Connie.

He takes a look at the water pipe that had caused all of the couple’s troubles with their barn.

“Oh yeah,” he says, tapping on the metal surface. “That’ll do it, right there.”

“What do you think?” asks Jerry. “Can you fix it all within our budget?”

“Well of course I can, Jerry,” he responds, faking an incredulous look. “I’m the man, remember?”

Everyone laughs and moves on to the next part of the inspection. Connie is feeling much better about hiring Ken.

Was Connie worrying too much  or was her initial intuition about Ken correct? Find out in future installments.

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Barn Insurance Sherman Tx

Barn Insurance Sherman Tx – Insure Your Farm Today!

Barn Insurance Sherman Tx

Is your farm properly insured, including coverage for your barn, outbuildings, and equipment?

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Why not call to find out? We would be happy to assist you in finding an insurance plan for your farm that suits your individual needs.

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Barn Insurance Sherman Tx – Claims Scenario Part 7

In Part 6 of our story, which is available to read when you click on Royce City Tx Barn Insurance, Connie spoke with her insurance agent, Mary, about their barn situation.

Mary explained that it was unlikely their farm policy would cover the repairs, but just to be sure, she went ahead and filed a claim. She informed them that a claims adjuster would be sent to assess the situation.

A few days later, a claims adjuster arrives at Connie and Jerry’s property to perform his assessment.

The adjuster introduces himself as Willy Wobblebottom. He asks Connie and Jerry a series of questions about their property and then asks them to show him to the barn.

They lead Willy out to the barn and point him in the direction of the damage. Willy proceeds to survey the structure, poking and prodding here and there and jotting down some notes.

When he finishes his inspection, Willy tells the couple that they should get an answer within a week or so and then departs.

For now, all Connie and Jerry can do is wait for the verdict. Connie is feeling especially glum.

She knows it’s unlikely that the insurance company will cover the claim. She had big plans for a dream home on that spot, but her plans did not take into account the extensive repairs that will be required to fix the barn before they can begin turning it into a home.

If the insurance company denies the claim, will it still be worthwhile to move forward with their building plans? Connie isn’t sure.

Read the next episode by clicking on Sherman Tx Barn Insurance.

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Royce City Tx Barn Insurance

Barn Insurance Royce City Tx – Call For Better Coverage!

Royce City Tx Barn Insurance

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Barn Insurance Royce City Tx – Claims Scenario Part 6

In our last entry into our ongoing claims scenario, farm owners Connie and Jerry asked their relative, Uncle Frank, to perform an inspection of one of their barns which they want to convert into a home, drawing inspiration from various home improvement shows.

After his careful inspection, Uncle Frank informed the couple that there is indeed some damage. Water has seeped into the concrete over time. During freezing temperatures, the water inside the pores, cracks, and crevices freezes and expands, causing damage.

What does Uncle Frank’s diagnosis mean for Connie and Jerry? Let’s find out.

“What do you think we should do, Uncle Frank?” asks Connie, concerned.

“Yeah, is there something we can do to mitigate the costs here?” asks Jerry, “or is this whole project going to be dead on arrival?”

Uncle Frank chews for a moment, then responds: “If I were you, I would call up your insurance agent and ask her whether water damage to the barn’s walls and foundation such as this is covered by your insurance.”

If it is,” he continues, “then, obviously, you’ll have nothing to worry about because the repairs will be paid for. If not, though, then you will have no choice but to pay for the repairs yourself. And I have some bad news for you if it isn’t covered.” Frank pauses before saying “it’s going to cost a bunch to fix this.”

Connie and Jerry decide to take Uncle Frank’s advice. After Uncle Frank leaves, Connie picks up the phone and promptly calls up their insurance agent, Mary.

“Hi Connie,” says Mary after answering the phone.

“Hi Mary,” replies Connie. “My husband and I have had our farm policy with you for the last several years and we have a question about our policy that covers one of our barns. Do you think you could help us out with some information?”

“It would be my pleasure, Connie,” Mary answers. “What is it you would like to know?”

Click on Royce City Tx Barn Insurance to read Mary’s answer in Part 7.

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Greenville Tx Barn Insurance

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Greenville Tx Barn Insurance

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Barn Insurance Greenville Tx – Claims Scenario Part 2

In part 1, we introduced you to Connie, a farm owner and mother who for years has wanted to move her family into a new home because her current home is a bit outdated.

She also wants a build on a different location so that her home is more conveniently located near the fields and other outbuildings on her farm.

Connie is also super frugal.  She is reluctant to pay top dollar for contractors that are so busy they are charging outrageous pricing for new home construction.

After seeing a magazine photo of a “barndominium” (a barn-turned-home), she resolved to convert one of her larger barns – one that is in just the right place on her property – into a new home for herself and her family.

Connie’s husband, Jerry, is skilled as a handyman contractor. Before getting married Jerry worked for 5 years in construction and is quite handy around the farm.

Jerry convinces Connie that he can remodel their barn into a beautiful home for much less than it would typically cost if they hired a construction company.

Jerry begins the project by doing an informal inspection, taking measurements and trying to get an idea on how to best design the layout of the barn for the conversion. He moves some plywood out of the way that was stacked up against the southeast corner of the barn.

After moving the plywood, Jerry notices water damage permeating a good portion of the wall that was hidden.

He takes a screwdriver out of his leather carpenter’s pouch and gently pokes the wall with it. It promptly goes right through the wall up to the hilt causing Jerry to lose his balance. He instinctively uses his hands to try to catch himself as he stumbles forward and ends up going partially through the wall with his hands, head, and shoulders!

Jerry is momentarily stunned. He gently moves back to prevent further damage.

He shakes himself off and says “Uh Oh. We have a problem.”  He gets his cell phone out to call Connie and tells her to get out to the barn immediately.

After further investigation they find that water has apparently been leaking for some time via the plumbing and there is a chance the foundation has been damaged because of the water leak.

What happens next? We’ll learn more about that in Part 3.

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Barn Insurance Bonham Tx

Find Big Savings on Bonham Tx Barn Insurance!

Barn Insurance Bonham TxAre you looking for affordable rates on Barn Insurance in Bonham Tx?

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Barn Insurance Bonham Tx – Be Sure to Read the Exclusions!

When it comes to understanding your Bonham Texas Farm Insurance policy, it is of the utmost importance that you pay attention to your policy’s exclusions of coverage.

Exclusions of coverage, as the name implies, are events, damages, or practices for which coverage does not apply. They can differ from policy to policy and between companies, so it’s important to always be aware of the exclusions laid out in your current policy.

One reason you should scrutinize your policy’s exclusions is that you may be surprised by some of the exclusions you find. Many of a given policy’s exclusions will seem like common sense but there are bound to be a few that contradict your intuitions.

For example, many people assume fire damage would be covered by their dwelling policy, and in most cases they would be correct. However, many people also assume that flooding damage is covered by their dwelling coverage, yet this is often not the case.

In our next article, which you can jump to by clicking on Bonham Tx Barn Insurance, we will take a look at a fictional insurance claim scenario and pose the question, “would this be covered?”

So check in next time or click the link above to explore this fictional scenario.

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Quitman Tx Farm Insurance

Quitman Tx Farm Insurance – Call Today for Huge Savings!

Quitman Tx Farm Insurance

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Farm and Home Insurance in Quitman Texas – Series Recap

Last time, we began our series recap by summarizing the first six parts of our twelve-part series demonstrating the importance of having a solid Texas farm insurance policy.

This week we will list and summarize parts 7 through 12.

Part 7: Farm Insurance Winnsboro Tx

In Part 7, the jury sides with Farmer Shuck. They were swayed in particular by his receipts which showed that he repairs his fences in a timely manner.

Part 8: Winnsboro Tx Farm Insurance

In Part 8, we present the idea of an alternate version of the scenario in which the farmer could not provide the receipts or any other evidence to back up his claim that he maintains his fences properly.

We also imagine that the plaintiff’s legal team manages to find some evidence that might back up their claim that Farmer Shuck is irresponsible with maintaining his cattle fences.

Part 9: Emory Tx Farm Insurance

In Part 9, the plaintiff’s lawyers get a hold of photos taken of Farmer Shuck and his property that depict a damaged portion of his fence.

Part 10: Farm Insurance Emory Tx

In Part 10, the lawyers make the case that the photographs disprove the farmer’s earlier claim to being responsible about repairing his fences. The jury seems to agree.

Part 11: Farm Insurance Quitman Tx

In Part 11, the jury deliberates and ultimately finds Farmer Shuck liable for the damage to Jonathan Wadsworth Jr’s sports car. This results in a six figure property damage claim, not including the legal expenses for his defense.

Fortunately, Farmer Shuck has the good sense years ago to buy a comprehensive Texas Farm Insurance Policy, so his legal expenses were covered. If he did not have coverage, though, he would have had to find a way to pay for the judgment out of his own pocket.

And that is why you should call Country Side Insurance. We can shop the insurance market to find you excellent coverage plans for your farm.

Farm and Home Insurance in Quitman Tx – Ask Us for a Free Estimate Today!

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