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Marshall Texas Farm Insurance – Claim Scenario Part 26.

Last time, a very anxious Jerry and his wife Connie learned of the possibility that their home, in which a significant amount of money had been invested through a loan on their farm, may need to be condemned.

Jerod with the Acme Mighty Foundation Company inspected the foundation using Ground Penetrating Radar and he found serious flaws in the foundation which he explained could lead to the home being unsafe to live in. He suggested they have the county inspector come out.

Connie blames Jerry for this entire fiasco and she packs up the kids and leaves for her sister’s home.

In this very troubling situation, Jerry decides to visit Ken, the person he hired to transform an older barn on their farm property into their new home.

As Jerry is preparing to leave for Ken’s house, which is a few hours away, he decides to give him one last call, although he doesn’t expect anyone to answer.

Jerry’s call goes straight to voicemail once again. Jerry heads outside to his pickup truck turns the key in his ignition and makes his way onto the highway.

While on his way to Ken’s place, he thinks about turning around and going back to his home, Jerry is not the sort of person who likes confrontations but his home and marriage may be on the rocks so he feels like he has to do something — maybe Jerry has insurance that will cover the problem with his foundation.

After a long few hours of driving and more contemplation on what he would say to Ken if he finds him home, he comes to Ken’s exit, dutifully turns left at the light and travels for another 4 miles.  The empty country road dead ends and Jerry turns right at the stop sign.

Jerry travels another few miles and he sees Ken’s house in the distance, it also appears Ken might be home because he spots Ken’s work truck, sports car, and motorcycle in the driveway.

As Jerry slows his truck down, he recalls that it’s possible Ken was blocking his phone calls, would he do the same if he knocks on his door?

Jerry did not want his trip to be a waste of time, he desperately wants to talk to Ken, man to man. Jerry is in a bit of a predicament on whether to just go up and pound on the door until Ken comes out or should he give him another call?

He is undecided so he turns around in the closest driveway and travels a short distance away from Kens home and pulls over on the side of the road where he has a clear line of sight of Ken’s place.

Jerry hopes Ken won’t see him parked on the side of the road as he sits contemplating how to handle this — after all Ken had been a friend for many years.

What will happen next?  Will Jerry be able to meet Ken face to face?  Find out in our next post.

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Farm Insurance Kilgore Texas — An Agent You Can Trust!

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Farm Insurance Kilgore Texas — Insurance is Complicated!

The Insurance policies we purchase either for our Car, Home, or Farm Insurance are probably a bit more complicated than you might imagine.

In reality Farm Insurance Policies are no different than any other type of insurance policy purchased — they are drawn up by attorneys and they are a legal contract between policyholders and the insurance company!

Insurance policies contain all sorts of legal mumbo-jumbo that spell out exactly what the insurance company is going to cover, and what they will not cover. (also known as Exclusions of coverage)

Here’s the problem that some of us run into with insurance — we don’t read our insurance policies, other than looking at the price!

Even if we do take a brief glance at the declaration page, our eyes may quickly glaze over!  Insurance policies are written in the language of lawyers (legalese) because they are for all practical purposes a legal contract.

After trying to decipher what the policy states we may quickly give up and take the next logical step — we stuff our insurance policy into a drawer and quickly forget!

Let’s be realistic, insurance for most of us is a necessary evil, if we had our druthers, we probably wouldn’t spend any money on insurance!

Insurance of course is mandatory by state law if you have a driver’s license or own an automobile, or you have a mortgage on your home, or farm.

However, truth be told, Insurance is a rather important element to your overall financial security, why do we state this?

Insurance in realty is a financial risk transfer concept.  For a specified premium amount, we as policyholders agree to transfer certain risk elements to our insurance company and they agree to reimburse us for financial losses.

Farm Insurance Kilgore Texas — Claims Example

You have purchased a Farm Policy covering your 5,000-acre farm and included with that policy is coverage for all of your equipment, outbuildings, your home, and coverage for your livestock and crops.

On a Monday afternoon at around 3:12 PM while you and your family are hunkered down in your storm cellar an EF4 tornado rips apart one of your outbuildings where your 2-year-old John Deere Combine is stored.

Both your Combine and outbuilding are completely destroyed. Fortunately, you had insured your building for $100,000 and your Combine for $450,000.

Within a few days after you file your insurance claim with your company, they write a check so you can begin construction for a new building and you have the money to purchase another combine.

This is called risk transference.  For your premium payments you transfer risk to the insurance company, in turn the insurance company makes a promise to you for financial reimbursement in the event of a covered claim.

Here is the catch, not every claim event is covered by insurance.  In our next post we will continue our account of Connie and Jerry’s troubles – yes, they have insurance on their farm, but will their policy cover the damage to their foundation?

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Farm Insurance Gladewater Texas

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Farm Insurance Gladewater Texas — Claims Scenario Part 23.

In our last article that you can read by clicking Farm Insurance Longview Texas, we find Jerod Durham of the Acme Mighty Foundation LLC coming out to inspect the foundation of Connie and Jerry’s home — something has gone terribly wrong at their home and Connie’s suspicions about Jerry’s friend Ken are about to be revealed.

Ken had converted Connie and Jerry’s home from a large barn into a home for much less than what other contractors had bid.

Is the saying if it’s too good to be true, it probably is, now coming back to haunt Jerry and Connie?  

Let’s find out.

Jerod sits down with Connie and Jerry to go over his findings.  “Well, I can’t say that I have ever got a reading like the one I just performed, in fact I ran my scans 2 times just to make sure.” Jerod pauses and takes a deep breath, ““Uh, what was the name of the contractor who laid your foundation?”

Connie angrily blurts out, “It was Ken, Jerry’s friend, what did he do wrong?”

Jerod pulls out of his folder a printout of his radar scans.

Jerod begins, “Here are the scans of your foundation and do either of you know anything about concrete foundations?”

Connie looks clueless, but Jerry snatches up the scans that Jerod printed out and closely looks at them for a minute or so while Jerod sits by silently.

Jerry is no expert on how to read ground penetrating radar scans but something doesn’t look right on the scans.  He starts to feel a bit queasy as he hands back the scans to Jerod.

Jerod continues, “you said your concrete foundation was laid about six months, ago right?”

Connie and Jerry nod, and Jerod continues “the readings that I’m getting show a significant deterioration in the foundation that you normally would not see unless the foundation is very old, or the concrete mix was defective somehow,” Jerod pauses not sure how to break this last piece of news to them, “to make matters even worse it looks like the concrete was not reinforced.”

Connie interrupts Jerod, “the concrete mix was defective and not reinforced, what’s that mean?”

Jerod begins his explanation… which we will learn more in our next post.

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Farm Insurance Longview Texas

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Farm Insurance Longview Texas —Claims Scenario Part 22.

To briefly recap Jerry makes an appointment with Jerod Durham of Acme Mighty Foundation LLC company to come out to determine why his home has shifted on its foundation.

Connie believes the shifting foundation is all of Ken’s fault — Ken is the contractor that transformed their old barn into a modern residence for an unbelievable price.

As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That thought keeps running through Connie’s mind as she and Jerry are anxiously waiting for the foundation contractor to inspect their foundation in the morning to determine what the problem is.

Jerry is also very worried that Ken royally messed something up on the foundation so he drives his ATV far enough from the house to make a call to Ken. He calls 3 times and on the last call leaves a message, then he sends a text message to Ken.

Jerry is sitting patently on his ATV waiting for a call back from Ken, about 15 minutes after he sent his text message, Jerry glances down at his cell phone and notices that his text message appears to have been read on Ken’s phone.

Jerry sends another text message: “Dude we have a major problem at the house and it could be the foundation, you need to call me back ASAP!”

A few seconds later it appears that someone (maybe Ken) is texting Jerry back as the … symbol on his iPhone is flashing which normally indicates a text message is being composed.

Jerry waits, and waits for a return text message from Ken and after another 5 minutes passes he calls Ken’s cell phone again leaving and even more frantic message.

Ken doesn’t return Jerry’s call or text message and when Jerry tries to call again an hour later apparently Jerry’s calls are now being blocked by Ken!

Jerry thinks about driving over to his house but that is over 2 hours away.  Jerry gives up at least for now and neither Jerry nor Connie get a minute of rest.

At 7 am in the morning Jerod Durham of Acme Mighty Foundation LLC company meets the couple and begins the inspection process. Both Jerry and Connie initially wanted to follow Jerod as he was running a GPR device to analyze the foundation.  GPR stands for Ground Penetrating Radar.

Jerod quickly mentions he works best when not being shadowed by customers or pestered with questions — he dismisses the couple and tells them to wait inside their home and he would see them soon.

Jerod knocks on their front door about 1 hour later needing access to the inside of the home for an additional scan from the interior of the home.

Another hour passes before Jerod knocks on the door to explain his findings.

“Well, I can’t say that I have ever got a reading like the one I just performed, in fact I ran my scans 2 times just to make sure.” Jerod pauses and takes a deep breath, ““Uh, what was the name of the contractor who laid your foundation?”

Connie angrily blurts out, “It was Ken, Jerry’s friend, what did he do wrong?”

Jerod pulls out of his folder a print out of his scans and begins to explain…

What exactly is wrong with Jerry and Connie’s’ foundation?  Learn the answer in our next post.

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Pattonville Texas Farm Insurance — Claims Scenario Part 20.

In our last post Jerry calls and leaves a message on the answering machine over at the Farmers Association.

Fred Sampson, the outgoing president calls Jerry back and tells him he can’t think of any of the other farmers having problems with sinkholes, the only sinkhole problem he could remember was one that happened in the middle of an intersection in Beaumont back in 2015.

Fred suggests to Jerry that he might want to call a foundation repair company over in Paris to have them come out and take a look to see what might be the problem.

After the call ends Jerry knows he might have a little bit of an uncomfortable conversation with Connie.  Connie was busying herself in the kitchen hanging on to every word she could hear as Jerry was talking to Fred.

Jerry hangs the phone up and turns around to face Connie who is in the kitchen next to the living room and starts off trying to soften what he knows is coming next, “Connie did you know Fred sold his land?  He’s moving to Florida to be with his daughter and their family, can you believe that, that farm’s been in his family name for five generations!”

Connie has no response and Jerry continues, “he also wished us the best and we can come visit anytime once he gets settled into his new place in Panama City Florida.”

Connie raises her eyebrows with a stern look, “Well?” she states expectedly completely ignoring the fact that Fred sold out.

“Fred said it’s probably not a sinkhole,” he quickly states, “we should call one of the foundation companies over in Paris to have them take a look.”

Connie raises her voice, “your friend Ken better not have anything to do with this Jerry or I’ll skin him alive and you too for hiring him.”

Jerry doesn’t want to fight with his wife so he tells Connie, “let me call a company and get them out here so we can get to the bottom of this and find out what happened.”

Jerry makes a few phone calls and makes appointment with a foundation repair company who will meet them in the morning.

We will learn what happens in our next post.

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Farmers Insurance Clarksville Tx — Claims Scenario Part 18 Recap One.

To recap we are following the continuing story of Connie and Jerry. They own a family farm that has been passed down several generations. Because of their growing family they have simply run out of living space and they decided to convert an older barn on their property into a home.

The extra space they have now is so much better. Previously they were crammed into a 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom farm house they jokingly referred to as their ‘Tiny Farmhouse.’

Because it is tough to raise a family of 6 in such small accommodations they definitely saw the need for a larger space.

Connie never brought it up at family gatherings with her parents or her grandparents that had to endure living in such tight quarters but she secretly wondered how Grandma and Pa were able to cope as they had 6 children making 8 in total in the same house they resided!

Fast forwarding a bit in our story we find Connie had watched a show on one of the many home improvement stations presenting how to convert old barns into homes and she discussed with Jerry and they wanted to explored their options in taking this step.

Because Connie is frugal she was reluctant to pay top dollar for contractors — the area had experienced a building boom because of the economy — high paying jobs were plentiful and contractors are in such high demand they were charging top dollar for new home construction.

Connie thought the price might not be affordable until Jerry mentioned that his friend Ken (whom Connie had never previously met) might be able to cut them a deal.

In addition to being frugal Connie is also a bit skeptical so she was making some negative assumptions about Jerry’s “friend” Ken in whom she’d never met.

However, when Ken was invited over to take a look at the barn, Connie was impressed with Ken. Not only was he tall, dark, and handsome. Ken was one smooth operator, he answered every objection that Connie voiced and he convinced the couple to move forward with the project.

There were a few hiccups along the way as is true of any construction project but after some time they were able to move into their newly converted home and they had a lot more elbow room — plus they could have friends and family over!

Fast forwarding six months something happens to the home that leads to it being condemned and unfit for habitation. We will see how that all plays out in our next post.

Farmers Insurance Clarksville Tx — Claims Scenario Part 18 Recap One.

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Denison Tx Insurance for Farmers – Claims Scenario Part 17

Last time, Ken and his small team of contractors completed the project, but not without some setbacks along the way.

In particular, the members of Ken’s construction crew caught the flu. One of them, a guy named, Frankie was hospitalized due to the illness.

As a result of this unfortunate turn of events, Ken had to implement an alternative plan for the structure’s foundation.

When the big day finally came and Connie saw her newly-built dream home for the first time, she was moved to tears of joy. Her skepticism about Ken’s ability to do the task properly was now completely washed away.

Half a year later, Connie and Jerry have been living happily in their new home. Its location being so much closer to the rest of the farm makes Connie’s work days much easier, not to mention the larger space allows more family gatherings.

Connie and Jerry regularly entertain family and friends at their home now that they have so much more space to do so and they certainly enjoy the many compliments received by others on the beauty of their new house.

One breezy Tuesday morning, however, as she was standing in her kitchen, Connie was startled by a loud, low sound coming from under the floor. A moment later, she felt a small but noticeable tremor beneath her, it felt almost like an earthquake but it only lasted for a couple seconds.

What did Connie just experience? Find out more in our next issue.

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Commerce Tx Insurance for Farmers – Claims Scenario Part 15

Previously, Ken and his crew began the preliminary work to convert their barn into a home for their family.

Naturally, the barn’s concrete slab/foundation was where they started, so damaged sections of the foundation were painstakingly removed and replaced. 

Next, Ken had his team remove all of the damaged sections of wood that had been rotted by exposure to water from the leaking pipes (you may remember how Jerry fell through the soft, decayed wood on one side of the barn).

Framing was completed on the first floor, which included a steel girder for the load-bearing portion of the home for the second floor, supported by concrete walls. Next, they installed the necessary plumbing and new electrical wiring before finally installing drywall.

A gourmet kitchen was pieced together, along with a large island that was an absolute must for Connie.

Drywall Mud was applied to the newly placed drywall and to other damaged portions of the original walls. It was then smoothed out and sanded. Various lighting fixtures were installed and walls were painted.

Last but not least, the flooring was laid down, including installation of tile in the three bathrooms, vinyl laminate that mimics hardwood flooring in the kitchen, and carpet in the living room, dining room, and four bedrooms.

Ken and his team, along with Jerry, wrapped up the projects about 4 weeks over schedule because of inclement weather and illness. The flu bug was passed around to the entire team, especially in the beginning. Unfortunately, their foundation contractor, Frankie, was hospitalized and unable to return to work on the project. Ken improvised on the foundation work, which delayed things a bit.

How did it turn out? We’ll address that in our next article.

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Clarksville Tx Insurance for Farmers – Claims Scenario Part 14

In our previous article following a couple’s journey as they attempt to convert their old barn into a new home for themselves, we witnessed the arrival of Jerry’s friend Ken, a part-time contractor who the couple are considering hiring for the project because of the significant discount he will provide them.

After an initial poor impression, Connie was surprised to see that Ken is not at all what she expected.

Based on the condition of his vehicle, Connie expected Ken to be somewhat of a slob and rather unprofessional in his appearance and demeanor. Instead, he turned out to be well kempt, clean cut, and handsome.

Let’s find out what happens once he begins his inspection.

Ken whips out his clipboard and casually strolls around the outside of the building. He occasionally takes a measurement here and there or jots a note down on his clipboard, all the while cracking wise and schmoozing with Jerry and Connie.

He takes a look at the water pipe that had caused all of the couple’s troubles with their barn.

“Oh yeah,” he says, tapping on the metal surface. “That’ll do it, right there.”

“What do you think?” asks Jerry. “Can you fix it all within our budget?”

“Well of course I can, Jerry,” he responds, faking an incredulous look. “I’m the man, remember?”

Everyone laughs and moves on to the next part of the inspection. Connie is feeling much better about hiring Ken.

Was Connie worrying too much  or was her initial intuition about Ken correct? Find out in future installments.

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Bonham Tx Insurance for Farmers – Claims Scenario Part 12

Here’s a recap of what happened in our previous article:

Jerry and Connie decided to go ahead and build their dream home despite the fact that they never expected to have to pay for the replacement of their old barn’s foundation and water system.

They were not sure what to do. They don’t want to compromise on any features of the home they have been envisioning all this time.

That’s when Jerry pitched an idea to Connie. He told her that he has an old friend named Ken who used to work on homes.

Jerry informs her that he learned everything he knows about carpentry and building from Ken, and that, because they’re old friends and because of Ken’s connections in the industry, Jerry’s confident that Ken will be willing to perform the necessary fixes to their barn for a much lower price point than what the local contractor estimated.

Despite her reservations, Connie ultimately agrees to at least allow Ken to visit the property and to provide the couple with a quote.

Jerry is enthusiastic, as he plans to help Ken out as a handyman during the construction.

Although Jerry’s participation will save the couple some money, Connie has her doubts about the quality of the work her husband and his friend will be able to perform.

She keeps her reservations to herself for the meantime, though. Jerry excitedly calls up his old buddy and schedules an appointment for the following week.

The day arrives, and Ken shows up to take some measurements and get a feel for the scope of the project.

He pulls up in a big, rusted-out pickup truck that’s caked in mud from tires to rooftop. The muffler kicks and sputters noisily while the truck idles for a moment before the driver finally kills the engine.

Jerry jogs around to the other side of the truck to greet Ken as he exits the vehicle, but Connie stays where she is.

Needless to say, so far, she is not impressed.

Next time, we meet the infamous Ken.

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